Summer School in Helsinki, Finland

I was invited to give lectures on natural language processing with deep learning at the DENIS Summer School held in Espoo, Finland this year. It was really good to be back in Finland after 1.5 years (or more like 2 years, since I was travelling France and Italy half of the month I stayed there 1.5 years ago.) The weather was amazing, the sauna was pretty cool (shame I didn’t have enough time to enjoy it fully!) and it was great to meet the friends and former colleagues there.

The Summer School itself was also great with some awesome talks by Razvan Pascanu at Google DeepMind and Tapani Raiko at Aalto University, and with enthusiastic audience. Razvan talked to us about Theano and reinforcement learning, and Tapani about his latest work on semi-supervised learning with a ladder network (congrats to the authors of this paper on NIPS acceptance!)

The slides for my talk can be found here: lecture 1 and lecture 2.


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