Ho-Am Prize & 백규고전학술상 (Baek-Gyu Award)

NOTE: this post is the second part of the three-post series. see here to learn about the Ho-Am Prize in Engineering I just was just awarded with. Ho-Am Prize & Scholarship for Macademia at Aalto University Ho-Am Prize & 백규고전학술상 (Baek-Gyu Scholarly Award for Classics) TBA My Father and Korean Classical Literature and Art i’ve rarely mentioned my father in this blog without any particular reason, but perhaps it’s a good time to talk about him briefly in this post. his name is Kyu-Ick Cho (조규익),and he’s a professor of Korean Language and Literature at Soong-sil University in Seoul, Korea.

Ho-Am Prize & Scholarship for Macadamia at Aalto University

Update June 2 2021: click here for my acceptance speech (in Korean only) Note: This is the first in a series of up to three posts related to the Ho-Am Prize I was awarded this year. Ho-Am Prize & Scholarship for Macademia at Aalto University Ho-Am Prize & 백규고전학술상 (Baek-Gyu Scholarly Award for Classics) TBA Ho-Am Prize What an honour it has been to be a recipient of the Samsung Ho-Am Prize in Engineering this year (2021)! The Ho-Am Prize is one of the biggest and perhaps most recognized awards in Korea. Quoting the Ho-Am Foundation directly: The Prize is

Aalto University School of Science Alumnus of the Year 2020

So, this happened. My alma mater chose me as the Alumnus of the Year! As a proud alumni of Aalto University, this is my immense honour to be selected as one. See the announcement in Suomi and English. Aalto University (in particular School of Science within) and Finland just keep on giving, and I feel like I continue to receive without giving anything back. I will have to think of some way for me to pay back all that I have received from them. Kiitos paljon! Of course, the whole event was virtual, and due to the time difference, I

Giving thanks: Samsung AI Researcher of the Year Award and Donation to Mila

Note: see this announcement on the Mila’s homepage Earlier this month (Nov 2020) at the Samsung AI Forum 2020 I was one of the five recipients of the inaugural Samsung AI Researcher of the Year Award by the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT). Samsung has been supporting my research ever since I was a postdoc at Mila in Montreal, and without their support I wouldn’t have been able to support all my PhD students (NSF, i’m looking at you!) Because of this prolonged support, I had been already grateful to Samsung even before this award, and I am even

Google Faculty Award: 2020

I am happy to share the news that Cristina Savin and I have been selected to receive the Google Faculty Research Award this year in the area of computational neuroscience with the topic on <Online Meta-Learning>. See https://research.google/outreach/past-programs/faculty-research-awards/ for the list of awardees.

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