Lost in Interpretability

The Center for Data Science (CDS) at NYU has a weekly lunch seminar series. Each Monday, one speaker gives an (informal) presentation on any topic she/he wants to talk about, or at least so I thought. Anyways, I thought it would be a good chance to discuss with people (students, research fellows at CDS as well as faculty members from various departments all over NYU) what the interpretability of machine learning models means. I prepared a set of slides based on an excellent article <Statistical Modeling: The Two Cultures> by Leo Breiman. Instead of trying to write what I’ve talked

Summer School in Helsinki, Finland

I was invited to give lectures on natural language processing with deep learning at the DENIS Summer School held in Espoo, Finland this year. It was really good to be back in Finland after 1.5 years (or more like 2 years, since I was travelling France and Italy half of the month I stayed there 1.5 years ago.) The weather was amazing, the sauna was pretty cool (shame I didn’t have enough time to enjoy it fully!) and it was great to meet the friends and former colleagues there. The Summer School itself was also great with some awesome talks

Joining NYU this Autumn

This autumn (2015), I am joining NYU as an assistant professor, jointly appointed at the Department of Computer Science (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences) and the Center for Data Science. Assuming all immigration-related issues happen without any trouble, I will start on 1 September.  You can find my job talk slides here.

Quick Introduction to Natural Language Processing with Neural Networks

I recently give one lecture on how to use neural nets for natural language processing at the course <INF8225 – Intelligence artificielle : techniques probabilistes et d’apprentissage> at the École Polytechnique de Montréal. It was a very fun experience having extremely lively discussion with active students.  The slides can be found at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B16RwCMQqrtdNEhwbHN2bXJzdXM/view?usp=sharing.

Deep Learning Workshop at ICML 2015

I will co-organize the Deep Learning Workshop at ICML 2015 in Lille, France together with Geoff Hinton, Yann LeCun, Yoshua Bengio, Max Welling and Durk Kingma. This is my first time organizing a workshop (or as a matter of fact, any large academic meeting), and I have made a few blunders so far, but I believe this workshop will be pretty awesome with an awesome lineup of invited speakers:   First day (July 10) Tara Sainath, Google Yann Ollivier, Paris-Sud University Oriol Vinyals, Google Jason Weston, Facebook Jorge Nocedal, Northwestern University   Second day (July 11) Neil Lawrence , Sheffield