Pro Bono

Office Hour Request

I spend 30 minutes each week (twice a week) to talk with organizations* who have questions on scientific aspects of machine learning and natural language and/or the algorithmic aspect of data science but do not have in-house expertise. If you are one of these organizations and might benefit from talking with me (though, i cannot guarantee you would,) please fill the form at

There is no fee associated with office hours, and I prioritize non-profits, social enterprises and non-tech companies.

To give you some ideas about what I may be able to help you with, I received my PhD degree from Aalto University on the topic of restricted Boltzmann machines (unsupervised neural nets), did my postdoc in U. Montreal on the topic of neural machine translation and am an associate professor of computer science and data science at NYU, jointly appointed at the Courant Institute (Computer Science) and the Center for Data Science.

I speak both Korean and English, and it’s up to you to use either (or both) of these languages at the office hour.

(*) This office hour is not for students in K-12 or higher education. If you are attending my course, please use the course office hour to talk with me. If you are PhD/MSc students in my group, you know what to do already.

(#) Without your consent, no material from discussion will be made available to anyone other than myself.