Deep Learning Workshop at ICML 2015

I will co-organize the Deep Learning Workshop at ICML 2015 in Lille, France together with Geoff Hinton, Yann LeCun, Yoshua Bengio, Max Welling and Durk Kingma. This is my first time organizing a workshop (or as a matter of fact, any large academic meeting), and I have made a few blunders so far, but I believe this workshop will be pretty awesome with an awesome lineup of invited speakers:

First day (July 10)
Tara Sainath, Google
Yann Ollivier, Paris-Sud University
Oriol Vinyals, Google
Jason Weston, Facebook
Jorge Nocedal, Northwestern University
Second day (July 11)
Neil Lawrence , Sheffield University
Roland Memisevic, University of Montreal
Rajesh Ranganath, Princeton University
Ian Goodfellow, Google
Karol Gregor, Google DeepMind
Unlike the previous workshops on deep learning, it’ll be a two-day workshop this year. This was decided based on the number of attendees at the NIPS workshop on deep learning last year where the number went over 600. 
We will receive extended abstracts (2 – 8 pages + up to 2 pages of references only) which will be reviewed by yet another set of awesome reviewers. The accepted abstracts will not be archived as a proceedings but will be made available only. Also, note that it’s an abstract, meaning the full version can be submitted later to any other publication venue without violating the submission policy (just make sure to change the title, substantially shorten or rewrite the content, and clearly state that it’s an abstract.)
For more information, visit, or contact me by email!

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