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[Update: April 12 2021] see this announcement for a Korean (shortened) version of the story. this is a slightly expanded version of my fb post: i’ve lived in three countries-finland, canada and US- over the past 12 years as an expat/immigrant myself, which makes me pretty well aware of issues and challenges faced by immigrants, in particular east asian ones, in these countries. this made me incorrectly believe that i know the challenges and issues faced by immigrants everywhere beyond these three countries, including korea where i was born and raised as a korean national and had lived for

2020년 가을 NYU

this is a facebook post ( i wrote in korean as a response/addendum to another facebook post ( by Prof. Jihoon Jeong on the necessity of rapid, on-going tests in korea. i’m copy-pasting it here for the purpose of leaving a record. NYU에서는 이번 가을에 blended insturction을 했다. 각 수업은 규모 (학생 수 및 주당 강의 수), 특성 (대면 필수) 등을 고려하여 remote, in-person 또는 blended로 학기 시작 전 구분을 지었고, 나는 blended mode의 강의를 진행했다. blended mode 수업의 강의는 in-person 그리고 lab sessions은 평소의 2-3배로 갯수를 늘려서 in-person과 remote를 모두 가졌다. 모든 강의와 lab은 zoom을 통해 livestream했고 이를 통해

Aalto University School of Science Alumnus of the Year 2020

So, this happened. My alma mater chose me as the Alumnus of the Year! As a proud alumni of Aalto University, this is my immense honour to be selected as one. See the announcement in Suomi and English. Aalto University (in particular School of Science within) and Finland just keep on giving, and I feel like I continue to receive without giving anything back. I will have to think of some way for me to pay back all that I have received from them. Kiitos paljon! Of course, the whole event was virtual, and due to the time difference, I

A few QA’s from the course F’20 <Deep Learning>

i’ve just finished teaching <Deep Learning> this semester together with Yann and Alfredo. the course was in a “blended mode”, implying that lectures were given in person and live-streamed with a limited subset of students allowed to join each week and all the other students joining remotely via Zoom. this has resulted in more active online discussion among students, instructors and assistants over the course, and indeed there were quite a few interesting questions posted on the course page which was run on campuswire. i enjoyed answering those questions, because they made me think quite a bit about them myself.

Scaling laws of recovering Bernoulli

[Initial posting on Nov 29 2020][Updated on Nov 30 2020] added a section about the scaling law w.r.t. the model size, per request from Felix Hill. [Updated on Dec 1 2020] added a paragraph referring to Dauphin & Bengio’s “Big Neural Networks Waste Capacity“.{Update on Feb 8 2021] see “Learning Curve Theory” by Marcus Hutter for a better exposition of the scaling law and where it might be coming from. this is a short post on why i thought (or more like imagined) the scaling laws from <scaling laws for autoregressive generative modeling> by Heninghan et al. “[is] inevitable from